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Study Bibles

A constant need at Banyam Theological Seminary is for more study bibles for students.  It is hard to imagine a seminary student not having their own bible, but it happens at BTS.  For a number of years the Iowa Nigeria Partnership has sent a small supply of Interpreter's Study Bibles to the campus for students who do not have their own.   


 With so much of the seminary's resources coming from tuition and student fees, it is vital that tuition be paid.  Yet, many students come from very modest financial backgrounds and payment of tuition is very difficult, especially if they are also supporting a family.  Formal student loans do not exist in Nigeria, and working your way through school is also not realistic as there are no real paying jobs for students in the Bambur area.  Your contribution to the scholarship fund helps students by relieving some of their personal financial burden.  It also helps BTS, as it receives funds for operation.  Scholarship contributions may be general in nature, or, you may go to our Sponsor a Student page and choose an individual to support. Should you choose an individual, you will have the option to communicate with them through email, sharing stories with each other about life in your respective countries. 

Faculty Salaries 

BTS is blessed with a great faculty.  All are appointed to the school by the presiding Bishop.  Most are graduates of BTS and are passionate about their work as pastors, teachers and mentors. But, they can't work for free.  A contribution of $2,500 will support a BTS lecturer for a school year, and any amount is welcome as it all helps to reduce the financial burden on the seminary.