Campus Living

BTS is a residential campus: faculty, staff and students live there.  Ranking faculty occupy single-family homes, there's a neighborhood for married students and a separate area for single men. None of the housing has electricity or plumbing.  Much of the housing is older and in a state of decay that is accelerated by the hot, humid climate. Bathrooms are outdoors, dug into the earth and surrounded by grass screening. BTS has no central food service, so students are responsible for their own meals. Cooking in the married student neighborhood is generally done outdoors, over an open fire.  There are a number of kitchen huts, but they are in such poor condition as to simply be a place to build a fire in the rain. BTS residents live without running water and largely without electricity.

A new 6-plex dormitory for single men, a new kitchen building for single men and a new multi-family unit in the married student neighborhood have recently been constructed.  The buildings appear to be sound and functional and can serve as models for future campus improvements.