In June of 2015, a team from Cedar Falls, Iowa visited BTS and found the medical clinic building largely complete.  The walls, roof and sub-floor were done.  Some painting and finish work remained, so the team jumped in and attacked the painting project. The Iowans left behind a fresh coat of paint, and work continued to staff and supply the facility.  In September, the clinic saw its first patient.  What a rewarding project for Iowans and Nigerians to share: bringing the possibility of medical care to this rural area of Taraba State.  

A Student's Thanks

Iowa Nigeria Partnership scholarship Anthony Saleh

Among the many ministries of the Iowa Nigeria Partnership, is a scholarship fund for seminary students – the people who have felt God’s call into the ministry. We recently received this thank you note from a scholarship recipient.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are you and your family hope all of you are doing well. How are friends in IOWA hope everybody is ok lets give thanks to God.
I am much grateful for all your effort. Especially my scholarship i lack word to say may God reward and open more doors for all of you.

Anthony Saleh
BTS Student

Anthony is a student at Banyam Theological Seminary. When we first met Anthony in the summer of 2015, he was up to his neck in a hole in the ground – putting in a little sweat-equity, digging a pit for a toilet on the Banyam campus. Anthony is typical of the BTS students we have met: willing to work on the school farm and dig the holes and basically do the heavy lifting that it takes to keep the place going so that they can get their education and be prepared to go out and serve the church. It is on the backs of men and women like Anthony that the church in Nigeria will continue to grow. Thanks you for supporting this ministry.

Medical Clinic Construction Progress

The construction of the medical clinic on the Banyam Seminary campus (supported by Living Faith Parish, Monona, Iowa and First UMC, Cedar Falls, Iowa) has taken a huge step forward with foundation work in October.  The original plan called for a team of Iowans to travel to Banyam to assist with the construction in November.  A number of factors contributed to the postponement of that work trip, but the faculty, staff and students at Banyam haven't been waiting for the Iowans to make progress on the project.  Not only is the foundation now in-place, but the sub-floor has been filled with sand and concrete blocks for the walls have been made and are sitting on-site.  The Iowa work crew is looking at alternative travel dates, but the clinic may be built before they can get there!  

Thank you, Iowa - Renovations Complete!

Banyam Theological Seminary remodeled faculty house

At Banyam Theological Seminary (BTS) in Bambur, Nigeria, there were at least five old houses, built by the former E.U.B. missionaries in the 30’s and 40’s. With the exteriors showing wear, the interiors were positively  deplorable.  The roofs were holed and the resulting leaks caused ceiling tiles to decay and fall into living spaces.   Not only was there dirt,  but mouse and bat droppings, too.  These homes were unhealthy and unfit for habitation. In several homes the doors didn’t hang properly, windows had no mosquito netting over them, and  the floors had crumbled just to mention a few problems.  

Well, that’s changed, Iowa United Methodists opened their hearts and pocketbooks to support the renovation of five faculty houses. With fresh paint, new roofs, properly hanging doors and windows and remodeled interiors, these homes are a bright spot on the Banyam Seminary campus. No one appreciates the remodeling more than the five families who now live in safe and sanitary housing!

Rev. Isa Dunah says it well, “I am writing to express my profound gratitude to all the sponsors of BTS in Iowa.” 

Solar-powered electrical system

BTS Provost, Rev. Dr. John Pena has secured grant money and technical assistance through other United Methodist Channels (not Iowa) to begin work on solar-power system.  The power system is designed to be installed in stages as funding is available.  Administrative and academic areas will be the first to get power.  This will be a huge improvement in the quality of life and education for the whole Banyam family, as it will now be possible to meet and study after the 6:15 pm sunset.